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Legally getting married in Pakistan through court is not a lengthy and time consuming process. We can arrange everything and process your court marriage documents successfully in short span of time with the help of our expert court marriage lawyers available in many cities of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, court marriages are governed by the provisions of Muslim Marriage Act (1961). Resident of any city can get married in any city of Pakistan. For foreigners’ court marriage in Pakistan, same rule applies. If any forieng national wants to get married with any Pakistani National, they have to follow the same procedure and there are no extra court marriage fee involved for foreigners.

You’ll need to have two witnesses of marriage to get married in your lawyer’s office, along with the photo copies of your CNIC, Passport (if foreigner), 6 Photographs of bride, divorce certificate (if any or both are divorced) certified copies of birth certificates/Form B if bride of groom do not have their CNIC yet.

For foreigners, in addition, evidence of eligibility to be married is usually required. Anyone who hasn’t been married should obtain a single status affidavit (in the US), a Certificate of No Impediment (in the UK), or Certificate of No Record (in Australia). If you’re divorced, you’ll need to produce the Decree Absolute, or if you’re widowed, a copy of the death certificate.

It is also worth mentioning that there are no specific court marriage forms in Pakistan.  Marriage solemnize take place under the Muslim laws if couple is Muslim and under the christian laws if couple is christian. A Muslim boy’s marriage can be registered in Pakistan with a christian or Jewish bride without any additional documents.

If all documents are good to go, a civil ceremony at the your lawyer’s office can then take place. The marriage certificate/Nikkah Nama is usually issued on the same day of your wedding through court.