Legal Principles

Legal Principles

The following are some of the legal facts and principles that are good for knowledge of every citizen living in Pakistan.

Principles of Natural Justice

– No one should be punished twice for the same offense.
– The buyer should be vigilant at the time of purchasing.
– Equity favors the vigilant not the indolent.
– The plaintiff should come with the clean hands.
– No one can be judge in his own case.
– There is no right without a remedy.
– Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.
– Justice Rushed is Justice Crushed.
– No one can claim inheritance when the succession is not open.

Legal Principles
– Every civil suit is filed in the lowest court of a district which is the court of senior civil judge.
– A suit under order 37 of CPC is filed in the court of district judge.
– Family suits are governed by Family Courts Act, 1964 in Pakistan.
– Another statute that governs family suits is West Pakistan Family Court Rules.
– In case of family suits, it is filed at the place where the female resides even if she resides temporarily.

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– Visitation is a right for both the parents. It cannot be denied by courts unless any one of them is defaulter.
– Post Arrest Bail is filed under section 497 of CRPC.
– Pre Arrest Bail is filed under section 498 of CRPC.